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Environmental Portrait
Self-Portrait 2Sometimes all a dirty boy needs is a hot bubble bath. 
Jerry Garcia in the bathroom of Sanchos Broken Arrow. Located in Denver, CO


A time in history when everyone was loved, and everyone was famous. <3

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My Subaru&#8217;s engine blew up running some errands before leaving to see a concert at Crock Rock in Allentown, PA last summer. I took this photo of my bud Teddy rockin&#8217; out on the guardrail after giving up on the concert and waiting an hour for the tow truck.
Ski Aspen*Aspen Colorado during the 2012 Winter X-GamesCanon 60D Let me know what you think 
Taken with Photo Studio.
Animal Rights2 slides stacked and scanned, photoshop used for cropping and color tone only 
Two slides scanned on top of each other, photoshop for sharpening and color correction only.Fuji Provia 200 
Ginsberg revisited.
365:4The Great American School System  

haveiphonewillsurvive said: curious where your best wings in denver place is?

Buffalo Bills, small little place way up on Uinta and Colfax. Best ones I’ve ever had out here anyway.